Friday, 10 September 2010

The 5 Things I Need to Learn/Develop

1.The first thing I need to get in the habit of organise my time in case things either go wrong or take longer to do. A solution for this would be to create a time line so I can easily change the order of what I should when etc. I also need to start to keep a log of what I have done so I can refer back to it for my exam. This is one of the first things will need to develop because it needs to be done through out the year especially because I failed to do this the previous year.

2. The second thing I need to develop is to be more creative with my ideas of what I should do for my tasks. Instead of just relying on just one or two ideas and broaden the variety of ideas. I believe I should use a criteria and then maybe get some feedback from friends and the band itself. However I do know who my audience and so this helps me focus on specific things.

3. The next skill I will need to develop is my managing skills with the performers etc. this is one of the most important skills as I will need to keep control of the situation and work with people a not just use my own ideas which I sometimes do. The balance of what I want and what the band wants the team work will therefore show in the final project.

4. The fourth skill I will need to progress in will be my camera work and to start experimenting with ideas e.g the angles that I am filming at and using different lighting for certain shots etc. This will also be for my editing, the use of different effects e.g shots in black and white slow-motion etc. With these skills improved apon my work will therefore look more professional.
5. The fifth and final skill I will need to improve apon is my writing. I believe that the quality of writing in my blogs for last year could have been alot better. I believe that my knowledge of vocab and writing techniques needs to be 100x better if i have any chance of getting the grades I know I can achieve.