Monday, 28 February 2011

Question 4- How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

During this year, I have encountered new technologies with a range of properties that have helped me create and develop my research, planning and evaluation. Firstly for my research and planning I used You Tube to discover music videos, of particular genres which would help inspire me to come up with the knowledge of what music videos needed to contain and what they commonly included. This research lead to be the frame work of what the video needed to have and my ideas which were inspired by the videos would essentially fill in the gaps. Also for the search of artists we used the social network of Myspace to interact with artists in the sense of whether they were available to shoot and to gain feedback on our ideas with some of their own input.
Secondly for the filming of the video, I was able to use new digital technology of HD video cameras and the Adobe programme Premier Pro. Premier Pro was one of the core technologies needed to create the music video as it put all of our shots together and had all of our editing requirements.
Also with the need for feedback from our audiences, there was no better of achieving this than Facebook. Facebook enabled us to organise days of filming, feedback from our targeted audiences and was how I communicated with the rest of my group.

The technology I have used, has been one of the biggest assets with the making of this music video. For example with the amount of new technology that has been available to me, I have been able to be more creative with my video in the sense of editing. With black and white shots, slow motion and ghosting. This we can see is media 2.0, which is when people, like me who aren't professionals, are creating their own videos, music, etc. with technology they can access. They can then try and promote themselves with sites like Myspace or You Tube. This is what we did and so I now know how to create, market and distribute my creations and ideas through the use of the internet.

Friday, 11 February 2011