Sunday, 16 January 2011

Stop motion test

These are a a few stop motion videos we did to practise for a possible feature in our music video. Some are with different effects added.

These are with the added effect

Thursday, 13 January 2011



The cast for our music video is Nathan Hodson, the vocalist and rythme guitar for City Walls. As I am acquainted with Nathan I was able to ask for his contribution to the video. However due to his band, college and work. Time free for Nathan to do this is very limited and scarce. With his experience of playing in small gigs and his interest in our project. Working with Nathan to produce this video should be easier.

The crowds we are to use in our video have not been organised and so are just random people in the town centre. Due to the amount people we want in our video we shall have to plan to film when Worcester is busiest which is usually a Saturday.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


This is me and my groups storyboard to give you an idea of what the music video is going to include.

First if all we have desided to begin our video with the bust streets at night and we plan to take slow shutter spped still camera shots. So we get the blurred streaks of light from the cars' lights. This is during the the first 'slow and steady' part of the song. We then would have a car with its lights shining at the camera moving closer and closer. We then come to crowds moving quickly and slowly around. The n some mid close ups of the performer looking round at buildings on his own.

We would then have our artist walking around different places to emphisies him being alone and isolated. We also want to film cars passing him and speeding up the footage to suggest time passing around him to show how he is being left out. We then want the actor to hold the camera as he walks and sings to have a hand-held to have a personal approach to the viewer.

We then want some establishing shots of more tall buldings for the chorus and then for the verse, we want the vocalist singing at the bottom of a grand building such as the cathederal in worcester. After that we want to add some stopmotion of the vocalist appearing on different floors of a car park

Finally we want to have our artist in an Alley Way, agin to connote isolation. We want hime walking towards the camera up the Alley way and then some car lights appearing behind him. Which would create suspition of who the voclaist is and wether he may have done something wrong or is running away.