Monday, 29 November 2010

Technology Skill Develop Tasks

These are the following tasks I will be doing this week to improve my technology:

1. Learn more advanced Editing skills for the music video e.g learn to make black and white images and parts.

2. Becoming familiar with more advanced setting on cameras for different effects, rather than using computer programmes.

3. Increase my knowledge of Premier Pro as it is very limited and brief.

All these I shall complete over this week and I will be making blog posts stating on how far I have got in those tasks and when I believe I shall complete them.

Friday, 26 November 2010

What is Creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson believes that creativity is lost through education and growing up "Many people leave education with no idea what their real creative abilities are." (Robinson in his book 'Out of Our Minds:Learning to be Creative'.)

This is a speech made by Ken Robinson who states that creativity is lost through growing up and schools putting pressure on students not to get things wrong ever. To prove this he says that younger children who don't know whether they are right or wrong, will stilltake a chance and are not afraid of making mistakes. I believe this is true due to seeing other students in other lessons hesitate to say an answer or speak, due to fear of being wrong. However I believe this theory is flawed due to older generations of students having more life time experience and awareness of their enviroment. This will give them more inspiration and abilities of what is avalible to them for creative ideas to come to them.

My Creative Task

This week my creative task was to come up with ideas for my Digi Pak and use them for my planning. I first created a mind map of all the ideas I could come up with and then focused on one particular idea which I thought was more entropic than the rest which were clearly redundant and not 'creative'.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Shot Ideas

Here I have shot some photos of an idea for my Digi Pak. I have the idea of each being part of a small journey through the Digi Pak

This would be the beginning of the journey in the Digi Pak
and I have tried to go for the tree frame which is like a
window into another world

This is the second picture with two roads branching off as if there is a choice of which way you
need to go.

This next image I will be having underneath the CD. It is a bridge which I connotes adventure and excitement in the buyer.

The final image is of a log pile which is formed like a fire. The reason why I built this is because it creates mystery as if there are people in this new world and the end of the journey.

Monday, 22 November 2010

The Pitch

This is a mood board that has ideas of how we want our music video to be portrayed by our audience and and ideas of what we want the music video itself. For example the lighting effect with car lights and the hustle and bustle of city life yet being alone.

This is our pitch we presented to the class.
View more presentations from Rossy678.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Can't buy me Love

The video here is Can't buy me Love by The Beatles which was shown on the London trip.

With the childish behaviour of the artists we thought that the contrast of them being older men acting like children was very original and clever as it has a big contrast with the artists being adults. With the video sped up it it adds
to the wild effect and childishness. The video has inspired me and the rest of the group to use different angle shots and use make it a black and white video, however these are still to be disscussed. With the beginning of the video with the low angle shot of the bulding and stairs, this fits perfectl with what we are looking for and is a great boost forward.