Friday, 4 March 2011

Question 1- In what ways does your media use, develop and challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

I gained my inspiration for ideas on this video from the following videos:

Sofa Song by The Kooks

Prayer by Disturbed

Always Where I Need To Be by The Kooks

In the research and planning after watching these videos for inspiration, I was able to come up with ideas such as the establishing shots at a low angle looking up and panning across in different directions.
This was going to help with indie feel and it would make the audience think that the performer
was very small and isolated.

The ways in which we challenged the current music videos was to do it at night, instead of in the day like in Always Where I Need To Be by The Kooks. The lights at night gave it a completely different atmosphere and was more eerie.

Steve Neale - talks of repetition and difference. We aimed for this through using the same shots of the performer and the same shots of traffic. These created quite a fast pace in the video and is quite redundant.

The differences in the video however were the shots of crowds as being ghosts and the shots of the performer in the café. Also the narrative that we have which is only seen in the one of my inspired video's. Another difference would be the shots we used to create it more indie. For example the shot in my video where you see the bag fly away is although is random, it is random because that is what our target audience would enjoy and would stick in their mind which could lead on to others watching the video. This is what is entropic about my video.

We also went for a similar look in our performer with The Kooks in their video. We used their style of clothing (coat, skinny jeans etc)
and also with him carrying his guitar. This again is something for the audience to relate to, in which they may imagine themselves in a similar situation.

We devised a way to come up with new ideas which was to listen to the song we chose over and over again and we wrote down the ideas that came to our heads and then
as a group came up with different creative ideas that helped us progress which meant that the Auteur theory was appropriate to our work.

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